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DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and IT teams.We help companies to adopt DevOps from concept to implementation

Application Scaling

When your business grows bigger, your applications should too. We are experts in scaling applications to meet your needs from servers architecture to application tuning and development

Managed Hosting

We offer enterprise managed hosting for your business critical applications backed up by SLAs, Backups, Monitoring & Support

Why DevOps?

Steadyops devops

Quick Response to Change

Keep your application at pace with your evolving business needs

Reduce Resolution Time

Quickly respond to a critical issue with an automated CI/CD solution.

Get Visiblity

Visualise builds,incidents and logs through a centralized dashboard to get the full view of your application lifecycle

Release Faster

Go from monthly releases to daily releases while maintaining quality

About Steadyops

SteadyOps is a software services company specialized in scaling enterprise applications and DevOps consultancy & implementation.

At SteadyOps we believe that strong technical knowledge is the key to success accompanied with sound business perspective.

We take pride in defining scalable enterprise infrastructure, writing clean & structured code and automating as much as we can. We rely on state of the art technology to ensure minimum impact on business, we use Docker, Ansible, Kubernets & Jenkins


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